Jasmine Plants

Jasminium - Jasmine Plants

Jasminum or Jasmine are a group of evergreen and deciduous climbers, natives of tropical and temperate regions of mainly Asia and Africa, extending to the Pacific islands and Australia. Jasmine plants are grown for their elegant habit and often sweetly scented flowers. 

This is a deservedly popular genus which has a versatile range of plants within it. Jasminum can be evergreen or deciduous and they climb by their twining stems. The leaves are usually pinnate in shape and can be light green, dark green or variegated with creamy splashes.   The star-shaped flowers appear in late summer and are pink, white or yellow.

These climbers make great low-maintenance groundcover and they can also climb up a wall or fence.

Jasminum - Jasmine Plants

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Jasminum argenteovariegatum - Foliage
Jasminum Argenteovariegatum - Variegated Jasmine

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Jasminum Beesianum - Flowers
Jasminum Beesianum - Red Jasmine Plant

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