Pineapple Broom Trees

Cytisus - Pineapple Broom Trees

Cytisis is a genus which contains around 50 species of flowering plants, and the genus has the common name of broom. The genus is thought to have originated in New Zeland. This genus typically has golden pea-shaped flowers in late spring or early summer, providing a burst of colour. One of the most attractive qualities of the cytisus is the fragrance of the flowers, and these are usually sweetly scented. The flowers are often yellow, although some varieties do have orange or white flowers.  The Cytisus battandieri (Pineapple Broom Tree) was named after the French botanist Jules Aime Battandier and its common name comes from the fact that its delightful flowers smell like cooked pineapple.

Cytisus - Pineapple Broom Trees

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Cytisus battandieri - Flower
Cytisus battandieri - Pineapple Broom Tree

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