Katsura Trees

Katsura trees are native to Japan, and these trees are one of the largest hardwoods in Asia, reaching heights of up to 35m in some parts of Asia. The Latin name of Cercidiphyllum comes from the resemblance of the leaves to that of the Cercis, although the leaves of the two trees can easily be distinguished as the leaves of the Cercis are alternate and the leaves of the Cercidiphyllum are opposite along the stems.  

The leaves of this genus are heart-shaped, and they range in size, but most of the varieties in the species have bronzed foliage and a good autumn colour. These deciduous trees are known for their scented leaves, and the Cercidiphyllum japonicum is renowned for its candy-floss scented foliage. These trees are a popular choice for planting as a garden specimen and they also work well in parkland planting.

Cercidiphyllum - Katsura Trees

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Cercidiphyllum japonicum - Foliage
Cercidiphyllum japonicum - Katsura Tree

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Cercidiphyllum japonicum f. pendulum - Pendulous Katsura

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Cercidiphyllum japonicum magnificum
Cercidiphyllum japonicum magnificum - Magnificum Katsura

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Cercidiphyllum Rotfuchs - Foliage
Cercidiphyllum Rotfuchs - Red Fox Katsura Tree

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