Loganberry Plants

Loganberries are a wonderful variety that deserve to planted in more gardens across the UK. Their fruits look very similar to a raspberry, but they are slightly longer and can be slightly darker. They have a sharper flavour that raspberries and and are best used in cooking, although they can be eaten fresh if you enjoy a sharp taste. Avoid the temptation of picking your berries too early, wait for them to darken and become ripe (this should be in mid- July to August). Loganberries are naturally high in juice and therefore make the perfect jam. Growing your own loganberry plant will allow you to taste a very special hybrid berry which will provide you with delicious fruits for years to come.

Loganberry Plants

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Rubus x loganobaccus - Fruit
Rubus x loganobaccus - Loganberry Thornless

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