Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Trees - Morus

Planting your own Mulberry tree gives you a really unique opportunity to grow delicious fruits that are sparsely available in shops. The fruits can be utilised in a variety of ways; they can be enjoyed fresh, cooked in tarts, or blended into cordials. As well as providing you with tasty fruits, these interesting trees also have high ornamental appeal; their branches become slightly crooked and gnarled over time which adds to the charm of these outstanding trees. Although mulberries are not natives, they are far from new to the British; we have been planting them for hundreds of years. Mulberry trees have had a royal association since King James I commissioned a mulberry garden in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in 1608.

Mulberry Trees

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Morus alba - Fruit
Morus alba - White Mulberry Tree

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Morus nigra - Fruit
Morus nigra - Mulberry Tree

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Morus Wellington - Fruit
Morus Wellington - Wellington Mulberry Tree

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