Olive Trees

Olive trees are outstanding evergreen trees that are planted for their ornamental value, as well as their fruiting potential. You can plant Olive trees as a lawn specimen or plant them in a large container for a sunny courtyard. These exotic trees are often planted in a Mediterranean style garden and will produce wonderful fruits in warmer summers. The olives will first emerge green and, if left to ripen, will later turn black. The fruits cannot be enjoyed straight from the tree and need to be prepared before eating, there are countless methods for preparing them and many methods involve pickling the olives in brine for around 6 weeks. Ensure you plant your Olive trees in the sunniest position available in your garden. These trees will grow to become a real focal point of your garden and will provide you with interest for many years to come.

Olive Trees

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Olea europaea - Fruits
Olea europaea - Olive Tree

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