Robinia Trees

Robinia - False Acacia Trees

The Robinia or 'False Acacia' are characterised by their attractive, pinnate leaves, often shiny stems and pendent racemes of pea-flowers which are particularly attractive to bees. The Robinia genus stems from the family Fanaceae and the trees in this genus are native to North America and Mexico. The genus was names after a father and son duo, Jean and Vespasien Robin, who were gardeners to the French royal family and introduced the variety to them in 1601.

Robinia trees are widely planted in the UK and they are prized for their pretty pinnate leaves and their delightful floral display. The flowers are pea-like and are held in dangling pendants; the flowers carry a light fragrance and they are very attractive to bees and other wildlife. The ‘False Acacia’ is a useful garden tree which thrives in all types of soil and atmospheric conditions.

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Robinia - False Acacia Trees

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Robinia pseudoacacia - Foliage
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