Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees - Prunus

Cherry trees are deservedly one of our post popular fruit trees; until relatively recently, sour cherry trees were the only realistic option for growing in the average garden, but in the last 30-40 years new sweet varieties like 'Stella' have emerged and are on much more manageable rootstocks so they can even be grown in the smallest of gardens. The sweeter varieties like 'Sunburst' and 'Sweetheart' are great for eating fresh, whereas the sour cherries like 'Morello' are better for cooking. Generally, the sweeter varieties are ready in mid- late summer and the sour cherries are ready in late summer to early autumn. Which ever variety you choose, you won't be disappointed; home grown cherries are a real treat.

Cherry Trees

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Prunus Lapins - Fruits
Prunus Lapins - Lapins Cherry Tree

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