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Birch Trees - Betula

Betula trees or birch trees are deservedly some of the most popular types of trees that we sell. The bark is so varied within the species that its colours range from a rich mahogany, to a pure white, to a peeling golden brown. Aside from the ornamental bark, birch trees hold a distinctly elegant form – often with open canopies – some upright and tall, yet others pendant and arching. The leaves range in shape and size: some deeply cut, others finely toothed, but all have a strong autumn colour.

This is a species that offers interest in all seasons as the healthy leaves emerge in spring, shine in summer and dazzle in autumn, but once the leaves have dropped the ornamental bark really stands out and adds great winter interest.

Plant Birch trees in a full sun or partial shade position; they can tolerate any fertile soil and work well when planted in groups or clusters.

Betula - Birch Trees

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Betula albo-sinensis - Bark
Betula albo-sinensis - Chinese Paper Birch Tree

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Betula maximowicziana - Foliage
Betula maximowicziana - Monarch Birch Tree

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Betula Purpurea - Foliage
Betula Purpurea - Purple Leaf Birch Tree

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Betula Youngii - Bark
Betula Youngii - Young's Weeping Birch Tree

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Betula Summer Cascade - Bark
Betula Summer Cascade - Weeping River Birch Tree

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