Ornamental Pear Trees

Pyrus - Ornamental Pear Trees

Pyrus are deciduous trees that can be ornamental or fruiting and within the genus there are approximately 45 species. The ornamental pears are primarily grown for their ornate foliage and attractive flowers, but some ornamental varieties do produce fruit as well. The flowers are often white in colour and they carry a sweet scent to them. Some of the fruiting varieties produce edible fruits, although most are inedible to humans but are a great source of food for wildlife. Generally, these ornamental pear trees are small to medium sized, deep-rooted trees with silvery-grey to green foliage and white flowers in spring. They succeed in all types of fertile soils and are tolerant of smoke pollution and the cold.

Pyrus - Ornamental Pear Trees

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Pyrus Pendula - Flowers
Pyrus Pendula - Weeping Pear Tree

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