Hebe - Shrubby Veronica

Hebe are a delightful variety of evergreen shrubs that will bring colour and life to your garden all year round. These shrubs are particularly useful in a sleeping winter garden where they will add a healthy dose of colour and structure. These lovely shrubs work well at the back of a border and look good when planted with other evergreen shrubs, another great place to plant these shrubs is in a rockery as they contrast beautifully with the smaller plants. Hebe plants have a really unique leaf arrangement as the leaves stack up in a 'flower-like' manor which creates a really beautiful layered leaf display. Many hebes also have the added interest of glaucous blue-green leaves and these work really well when they are contrasted with darker evergreens.

Hebe - Shrubby Veronica

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Hebe recurva - Flowers
Hebe recurva - Shrubby Veronica

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