Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are an extremely diverse range of trees that come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and varieties. The only common feature of these trees is the fact that they all produce fruit that is formed from the ripened ovaries of flowers that contain at least one seed. If you have not grown your own fruit before, then you should not be apprehensive to do so: some fruit trees are extremely easy to grow and you just need to give them enough water, a small amount of pruning and ensure that they are in the right growing situation. People often assume that you need a large garden to grow your own fruit, but in reality you can choose a tree on a smaller rootstock and keep it in a large pot on a sunny patio.

In today's society, the fruit that you buy from the supermarket has often travelled thousands of miles to get to you and it is likely to be covered in chemicals. You cannot get fruit that is better for you and better for the environment than fruit that is grown in your own back garden: you will be crafting your very own organic produce, and often with a small amount of annual input on your part. Growing your own fruit from your own fruit tree is really very satisfying, and we guarantee that you will be amazed that the flavour of your own fresh fruit – which we think is so much more vibrant and tasty than any supermarket variety.

There are many other benefits to having a fruit tree in your garden, aside from the primary purpose of producing a crop. Fruit trees produce flowers which look great in your garden and apple blossom, for example, has the benefit of looking and smelling great. Fruit trees can also provide a garden focal point and some trees can even be trained to form a border or barrier.
We grow many of our trees on a range of rootstocks, and some come as a bush and others as a half-standard tree. The trees that come as a 'bush' will have lower branches than the half-standard tree, and the half-standard tree will have a main trunk and branches that start further up the tree. You can train some fruit trees to grow in certain ways, like if you wanted to grow and espalier apple tree or a cordon plum tree: if you want to train your tree then please phone us between November and March to get a 1 year maiden tree. We supply the 1 year maiden trees bare-rooted so that you can manipulate their share at a young age and grow them to suit the requirements of your garden.

Most fruit trees require a pollination partner, and this simply means that another fruiting tree needs to be within a suitable distance (of around 50 yards) to your tree.  On our website in the description of each fruit tree, we will often state the pollination group (if it is relevant) and whether or not it is self-fertile. If you are ever in doubt, then you can always contact us for advice.

Here at Mail Order Trees, we have a huge variety of fruit trees for sale, and we grow the fruit trees on site at our nursery to ensure that they have the best possible start in life. We have a great range of rootstocks, so you can select a tree that will grow to be the right size for your garden, and we also offer dwarf fruit trees that will thrive in a container. You can buy our fruit trees online and get them delivered to your door: we send the trees out in specially-designed packaging to ensure that they get to you in the best possible condition. We also send out a planting guide with every purchase, which includes aftercare advice so that you can take good care of your new fruit tree.

Fruit Trees

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Prunus Celeste - Celeste Cherry Tree

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