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How Our Trees Are Grown

The first and arguably the most important parts of the tree growing process are the selection and planting of the 'Root Stock'. All of our root stocks come from only British suppliers and are all guaranteed disease and virus free. The roots are lightly trimmed to create nice fibrous roots then hand planted.


Firstly two cuts are made in the rootstock about 15cm from the ground to correspond with those on the bud chip and the resulting sliver of wood is then removed. The bud chip is then placed into the 'lip' of the cut rootstock so that the cambium layers match. The join is then binded tightly with grafting tape or strips of polythene, leaving the bud and leaf stalk exposed.


Once the bud starts to swell the tape is removed. A cane is inserted and ties attached (up to 10 times a year) to the new shoot as it develops. This ensures the tree forms a perfect straight stem.



These Prunus 'Stella are what's known as 1 year old or maiden trees. As you can see our trees make a lot of growth in just one year. From Mid November to the end of February (the dormant period), the trees are hand lifted to ensure minimum damage to the root system. Lifting is done the day of dispatch then sent by overnight courier to ensure the trees reach you in first class condition.