Willow Tree

Willow Trees

The Salix genus comes from the wider family of Salicaceae and these beautiful trees are native to the more temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Willows are a numerous and diverse species varying from large, noble trees reaching 40ft plus to small, controllable varieties which are ideal for the average garden. Most are quick growing and hardy and thrive best in moist soil. Some willows can be planted to relieve a garden that is prone to getting water-logged.

All trees within this genus have alternate leaf formation, and the leaves are often narrow and long. This species has the added interest of catkins and male and female catkins of borne on spate trees, making this a dioecious genus. Both the leaves and catkins appear early spring.

Salix - Willow Trees

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Salix Erythroflexuosa - Foliage
Salix Erythroflexuosa - Golden Twisted Willow Tree

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Salix alba vitelliana - Foliage
Salix alba vitellina - Golden Willow

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