Oak Trees

Oak Trees - Quercus

Oak trees are from the beech family and they are native to both the temperate and tropic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. This genus has both deciduous and evergreen trees within it and a wide variety of leaf types. There are around 600 species within the Quercus genus, and a large proportion of these are native to North America. In the UK, Quercus trees have become a real staple of the countryside. Catkins appear with the leaves in spring followed by fruits (acorns) in autumn. The acorns are borne in a bowl-like structure called a cupule and they take up to 18 months to mature on the tree. The Oak is a large, long-lived tree which is best suited to the large garden or parkland area and it will grow to become a real focal point in the larger garden.

Quercus - Oak Trees

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Quercus rubra Aurea - Foliage
Quercus rubra Aurea - Golden Red Oak

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