Plum Trees

Plum Trees - Prunus

Plums are a popular choice for planting as they produce a reliable crop of tasty fruits that have exceptional flavour. The fruits are loosely globe-shaped and have a stone at the centre: they have a range of flavours depending on the variety and have soft skin with juicy flesh on the inside. The skin can be dark blue, purple, black or even yellow and the flesh can be rich orange, yellow or near-translucent.

One of the main reasons plum trees are so popular in the UK is because they are easy to grow and can become reliable croppers from a fairly young age. The earlier varieties are ready in July and the later ones are ready in September: you can test the ripeness by squeezing a plum between your thumb and finger – if it feels soft then the fruits are ready. Plums should easily come off the tree with a twist of the fruit.

Plum Trees

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Prunus Marjorie's Seedling - Fruit
Prunus Marjorie's Seedling - Marjorie's Seedling Plum Tree

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