Picea - Spruce

The spruces (Picea) are attractive silver-blue or blue-green, and occassionally green conifers. Some spruces are large trees which make a mangificent statement in a landscape. Others are very small, and suitable for small gardens. Some species are conical, with the traditional shape of a Christmas tree, and some are ball shaped or more columner and upright.

The spruces prefer rich moist soil that is acid or neutral. They prefer full sun. As garden varieties, the spruces are sturdy, low maintenance plants, providing a subtle backdrop for herbaceous plants, and year-round colour and interest. They are evergreen, retaining their needles throughout the winter, and they are long lived, lasting up to 80 years. These trees are fully hardy in the UK, down to -20°C.

Spruces have the additional benefit of being resistant against attack by deer and rabbits, and they are also drought-proof. This makes them an ideal garden tree.

Spruces are closely related to, but distinct from, a number of other groups of popular garden conifers. The group of spruces (Picea) is a sibling to the fir trees (Abies), the cedars (Cedrus), the larches (Larix) and the genus of pines (Pinus). Collectively, they make up the family of the pines (Pinaceae).

Here are we have a large collection of spruces to choose from and we present below a discussion of their different qualities so that you can choose the ideal plant for your garden.

Picea - Spruce

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