Tulip Trees

Liriodendron - Tulip Trees

Liriodendron trees are easily distinguishable from other tree types as they have highly distinctive leaves that are four lobed with a cut notch across the top apex of the leaf. The leaves are also fairly large in size and produce a good autumn colour which is usually orange or yellow. There are two species within the genus, and the genus comes from the Magnoliaceae family. The two varieties of Liriodendron are Liriodendron Chinensis and Liriodendron Tulipifera. The common name of 'Tulip Tree' comes from the fact that the flowers have a very strong resemblance to tulip flowers, and this feature makes the tree highly popular with gardeners worldwide.

The 'Chinensis' species are native to China and the Tulipifera species are native to North America. The North American species are now commonly planted in the UK, and they are often used in parkland planting and as ornamental trees in larger gardens. More accessible forms of the Liriodendron Tulipifera have been made available, like the Fastigiata variety, to make it suitable for smaller spaces. Although Liriodendron trees are not primarily planted for their woodwork uses, they are often utilised for this purpose in their native area of North America. The wood is commonly used for making indoor furniture, although its fine and grainy texture makes it largely unsuitable for outdoor purposes.

Liriodendron - Tulip Trees

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Liriodendron Aureomarginatum - Foliage
Liriodendron Aureomarginatum - Variegated Tulip Tree

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