Acer Trees

Acer Trees

Maple and Sycamore trees are a widely diverse species of trees and they are well-suited to every sized garden and space. These versatile trees are a very popular choice for gardeners worldwide due to their highly distinctive foliage, their magnificent autumn leaf colouring and their beautiful stature and shape. There are 128 species within the Maple genus, and the majority of Maple trees are thought to be native to Asia. Sycamore trees are native to central Europe. Acer tree leaves are deeply lobed, often described as 'hand-shaped' or 'palm-shaped', and the leaves come in a vast array of sizes and colours.

Some Acer trees are perfect for planting in restricted spaces, like the Acer 'Green Column', and other Acer trees are great for filling a large space, like the tall and spreading 'Autumn Blaze'. The Acer griseum is a great choice for winter interest as it features peeling bark that stands out after leaf-fall, and the Crimson Sentry is often planted for its vivid leaf colour from spring through to autumn.

The domestic gardener has many uses for the Acer genus, and Acer trees are often planted as specimen trees, screening trees and shade trees. Acer trees are also valued for their practical uses in industry, and the use of the wood varies between the two varieties of Maple and Sycamore trees. The Sycamore tree is commonly planted for timber production, and its smooth and durable qualities make it perfect for crafting into instruments like the violin. The wood of the Maple tree has a range of uses, but its dense hardwood qualities make it perfect for sporting equipment like bowling pins and pool cue shafts. The most famous use of the Maple is of course the extracted sap, which is boiled up into Maple syrup, and the best tasting syrup comes from the Sugar Maple tree.

Acer Trees - Sycamore and Maple Trees

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Acer Crimson King - Foliage
Acer Crimson King - Norway Maple Tree

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Acer Crimson Sentry - Foliage
Acer Crimson Sentry - Norway Maple Tree

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Acer x orientalia Minorient
Acer x orientalia Minorient - Hybrid Maple Tree

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Acer Scanlon - Foliage
Acer Scanlon - Red Maple Tree

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