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Trees are breathtaking in their diversity, varying not only in height, shape and form but also in ornamental qualities, with a wonderful range of foliage, flowers, fruits, and even bark to suit any setting. The passing of the seasons provides ever-changing interest, as deciduous trees come into bright new leaf, flower, fruit and finally shed their colourful foliage. Evergreens, however, keep up their show throughout the year. Even a single tree will add height and structural interest to a garden, however small; it acts as a living sculpture at the same time as introducing a sense of permanence. Trees also need little or no maintenance once established.


Using Trees in Garden Design


Together with other long-term features, such as walls and paths, trees form part of the bones of a garden design, contributing greatly to its overall style and structure. In most gardens, small ornamental trees play a more important role than forest trees, which are only really suited to large gardens. It is vital to select and site a tree carefully so that it will become a long lasting asset to your garden.

Deciduous trees have a mass of foliage from spring to autumn, but bare branches in winter, whereas evergreen trees add welcome blocks of year round texture and colour. If you have room for a number of trees, it is worth considering how they will work together.


Seasonal interest


One of the pleasures of gardening is to observe how your living creation ebbs and flows throughout the year. Many trees have marked seasonal cycle: in spring, the first signs of fresh growth emerge; in high summer there is an abundance of foliage and flowers; autumn brings ripe fruits and dramatic leaf colours; and in winter skeletal branches may be iced with frost or displaying attractive textured bark. Many have more than one peak period, with spring blossom and autumn berries, for example. These changing effects can be set against a constant back drop, such as the even colour and texture of an evergreen hedge, surrounding buildings, or the sky.

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Tree Gift Wrapping Service
Why not make your tree gift even more special by using our gift wrapping service. This includes one of our handmade drawstring 'ecobags' made out of 100% biodegradable materials, a gift tag with optional gift message and a planting and aftercare booklet. All of this for just £2.00 per tree.

Key / Size Guide
B/R (Bare Root) - The traditional way to buy deciduous trees and shrubs. Perfect for planting between November and March.
R/B (Root Ball) - The traditional way to buy evergreen trees and shrubs. The plants are kept in their own soil, making them ideal to transplant between November and March.
C/G (Container Grown) - A very convenient way to buy trees and shrubs, already rooted in their pots, they can be planted all year round. Sizes given in litres.
H/S (Half standard) - Half standard trees are 2-3 years old and have a clear stem of 1.25-1.5m with a bushy head of branches. The total height from the ground is usually 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft).
B (Bush) - Bush trees are 2-3 years old and have a clear stem of 0.8-1m with a bushy head of branches. The total height from the ground is usually 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft).
Maiden (Feathered tree) - A good, well-defined prominent leader running straight up through the young tree. Perfect for training into a half standard, standard or fan-trained tree. Sizes given in cm's.
Multi-stemmed - A tree with two or more main stems
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