Malus 'Katy' (Katy Apple Tree)

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Pollination group *3* Small-medium/ Greenish-yellow heavily flushed with bright red.
14.99 ex VAT)


Common Name: Apple Katy (Dessert)

Latin Name: Malus domestica Katy

Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil

Position: Full sun

Flowering period/colour: April and May/ White

Fruit picking time: Early September

Fruit Size/colour: Small-medium/ Greenish-yellow heavily flushed with bright red.

Pollination group: *3*


Katy is an easy-going early-season apple. The pretty appearance and juicy flavour mean it is popular with children, and it becomes available just in time for lunch-boxes for the new school term! Katy originates from Sweden, where it is known as Katya, and as such is well-suited to growing in northern European climates. It was developed in 1947 as a cross between James Grieve and Worcester Pearmain and is very much a mixture of these two varieties.


To guarantee cross pollination plant in a sunny, open site with another tree from the same flowering group (e.g. Redsleeves).


This Apple Tree is supplied bare rooted or in a 10 litre container suitable for planting all year round. The total height of this tree is approximately 1.5-2.1m (5-7ft) depending on which size you have chosen.

Apple 'Katy' - Fruit
Apple 'Katy' - Fruit
Apple 'Katy' - Fruit smallApple 'Katy' - Fruit bigApple 'Katy' - Fruit Apple - Flower smallApple - Flower bigApple - Flower

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Actual Size 2yr 10 Litre Apple Tree

All of our apple trees are grown in the UK to the highest standard. Every order comes complete with planting instructions and a guide to looking after your purchase. (Example of our 2 year old, 10 litre Bush and Half Standard apple trees can be seen to the left. Please note that sizes may vary slightly depending on the time of year and which rootstock you have chosen.)

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Rootstock Guide


M27 Very dwarf. Mature Height x Spread - 1.2-1.8m (4-6ft) x 1.2-1.5m (4-5ft)
An excellent rootstock for small gardens producing a true mini-tree reaching no more than 2m. Can be grown in patio tub. Very little support needed. Fruit produced at a very young age.


M9 Dwarf. Mature Height x Spread - 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft) x 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft)
This rootstock is a favourite with fruit growers. Dwarfing in habit so ideal for a small garden. Best staked for support. Fruits at a very young age.


M26 Semi-dwarfing. Mature Height x Spread - 2.4-3m (8-10ft) x 2.4-3m (8-10ft)
Reliable rootstock for fruiting, produces a good bush or half-standard.


MM106 Semi-vigorous. Mature Height x Spread - 3-4m (10-13ft) x 3-4m (10-13ft)
An outstanding rootstock, proving itself over many years, produces good bush and half standard trees. A self supporting tree which fruits at a young age.


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B (Bush) - Bush trees are 2-3 years old and have a clear stem of 0.8-1m with a bushy head of branches. The total height from the ground is usually 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft).
Maiden (Feathered tree) - A good, well-defined prominent leader running straight up through the young tree. Perfect for training into a half standard, standard or fan-trained tree. Sizes given in cm's.
Multi-stemmed - A tree with two or more main stems
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