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Here at Mail Order Trees, we do far more than our name first suggests. As well as being specialist fruit and ornamental tree growers, supplying nurseries and other online tree outlets nationwide, we also offer a great range of home grown evergreen and deciduous shrubs, climbing plants, conifers, soft fruit bushes and hedging plants to buy online. Mail Order Trees also provides a 'plant finder' service for rare and unusual plants and we will do our best to source items we don't grow ourselves.

Mail order trees is a family run concern and pride ourselves on having a comprehensive range British grown trees for sale and despatching them at realistic prices. Much thought and research has gone into the design and research of the packaging so your order arrives in first class condition.

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We pride ourselves on producing top quality, hardy trees and shrubs. Nothing is forced on in glass houses so you can be sure your purchase will thrive in your garden, but just to make sure every one of our plants has a full profile giving all the essential details you need to make sure it is right for your chosen spot, including: Common Name, Latin Name, Soil, Position, Flowering period/colour, Hardiness, Eventual height/spread, Special features.

Plant Finder Service If you can't find the plant or trees you are looking for on our site, all is not lost! Not everything we grow is listed, and even if we are unable to supply what you require ourselves, there is a good chance that one of our contacts here or abroad can

How our trees are grown If you have ever wondered what goes into producing a tree, then this page is really worth a look. You may be surprised how much work is involved.

Buy Trees If you're not sure whether or not to buy a tree for your garden, we hope this page will help you make your mind up. We have put together a list of all the benefits trees can bring to your garden and the environment.

Recent Testimonials Take a look at some of the lovely emails and letters we have received from our happy customers, who have bought trees and shrubs from us in the past. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to drop us a line.

Slot Pots We have now started using a new type of pot with many of our trees, and these new containers are called 'slot pots'. This type of pot is much better than conventional containers because it is specially designed to stop the roots from spiraling in the pot, and thus preventing them from becoming pot bound. The air slots encourage roots to grow in a different way by 'air pruning' them through the slots, so when the roots grow outside of the pot they become dehydrated which results in them producing more of the finer fibrous roots inside the pot. The increase in the fibrous roots means that the trees can soak up more water and more nutrients, which encourages growth. We are using slot pots with the majority of our larger trees and we are gradually replacing all of the conventional pots with the new slot pots. 

Garden Tree of the week

Garden Tree Of The Week *Save £10*

This week we have the highly popular Betula Pendula as our garden tree of the week, so make the most of this special offer whilst it lasts. This tree is best known for its distinctive silver peeling bark and its diamond-shaped dark green leaves which turn to orange and yellow before falling. The main branches of the tree grow upright and the smaller branches become pendulous and weep downwards, which makes for a very attractive structure. With autumn on its way, you will be able to see the leaves turn from green to orange and yellow, then watch them fall to reveal the beautiful framework and glistening bark. To purchase this special offer please click here

Fruit Tree Of The Week *Save £10*

This week’s fruit tree of the week is the Egremont Russet apple tree, and this is an outstanding desert apple variety which features medium-sized golden apples that are covered in brown russet. The fruits are more like a pear than an apple in both taste and texture, and they are known for their distinctively nutty flavour. These apples are nearly ready for picking and should be ready for harvest in the next 3-4 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long for your first crop. You can enjoy the apples fresh and they work particularly well in a salad or as an accompaniment to cheese. The tree itself is also of great interest at this time of year, as its leaves are soon turning to crisp shades of red and orange before falling. Get this tree now to enjoy it at its most special time of change. To purchase this special offer please click here







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Tree Gift Wrapping Service
Why not make your tree gift even more special by using our gift wrapping service. This includes one of our handmade drawstring 'ecobags' made out of 100% biodegradable materials, a gift tag with optional gift message and a planting and aftercare booklet. All of this for just £2.00 per tree.

Key / Size Guide
B/R (Bare Root) - The traditional way to buy deciduous trees and shrubs. Perfect for planting between November and March.
R/B (Root Ball) - The traditional way to buy evergreen trees and shrubs. The plants are kept in their own soil, making them ideal to transplant between November and March.
C/G (Container Grown) - A very convenient way to buy trees and shrubs, already rooted in their pots, they can be planted all year round. Sizes given in litres.
H/S (Half standard) - Half standard trees are 2-3 years old and have a clear stem of 1.25-1.5m with a bushy head of branches. The total height from the ground is usually 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft).
B (Bush) - Bush trees are 2-3 years old and have a clear stem of 0.8-1m with a bushy head of branches. The total height from the ground is usually 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft).
Maiden (Feathered tree) - A good, well-defined prominent leader running straight up through the young tree. Perfect for training into a half standard, standard or fan-trained tree. Sizes given in cm's.
Multi-stemmed - A tree with two or more main stems
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